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  • Do I have to be a pastor of a particular religious organization to join?
    No. SLMI understands that God calls individuals from various backgrounds and faiths to reconcile His children unto Him. Therefore, we welcome Christian leaders from around the world; leaders with a dedication to Transformational and Servant Leadership.
  • If I join, will my current title and licensing be honored?"
    Yes. Because SLMI is not affiliated with any particular religious organization, we humbly recognize the title/elevation you earnestly received during your time in ministry. When you are ready to become a member, we will simply request that you send us a copy of your ministerial license, ordination, or elevation certificate along with a photo ID.
  • Do you offer licensing and ordinations?
    Yes. After joining SLMI, should you have an interest in pursuing a ministerial license or ordination to more effectively serve in the ministry, we will be glad to send you an application.
  • If I lead a congregation, are they required to join?"
    No. SLMI is a leadership organization that understands and respects the autonomy of an undershepherd and their flock. Therefore, SLMI does not request any information about a leader's congregation. We are here to help the leader who will utilize the tools we provide to serve their members.
  • What does it cost to join SLMI?
    $375 per person, annually. Although there may be resource materials or booking opportunities offered throughout the year, there are no additional membership fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

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